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Ice Cooling Laser Epilator

Ice Cooling Laser Epilator

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8 weeks silky smooth, the more off the less, the more off the finer, leaving no black spots

The Hair Removal is aimed at the hair follicle. Photons transfer energy through the hair root to the hair follicle. After a period of irradiation, the hair follicle will shrink, and finally achieve the goal of no hair.

2. weeks 5-8 (twice every 1-2 weeks) : Hair becomes thinner and less, no longer regrowth, maintaining body elasticity. More than 8 weeks (every half a month/once a month) depending on the growth state of the hair, you can use it selectively. Say goodbye to repeated hair removal.

lamp tube has double filtration technology, perfect filtration of harmful and ineffective light, avoids skin damage, solid structure of the integral, can effectively avoid light leakage, electricity leakage, etc.

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